Caravan rental

Travel to any place you like. With a caravan, you’ll become absolutely independent and for nature and freedom lovers there is nothing more attractive. Simply hitch up our caravan to your car and visit attractive cities or leave civilization for some time.

Enjoy a great trip with our caravan

Our camper trailer offers a romantic trip for two.

You’ll be amazed by its compact space organization and its variability.

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Take your accommodation with you

Our camper trailer has everything you need.

Sleep like a baby on our spacious double bed.

Enjoy a nice evening on a comfortable bench by the table.

Cook your favourite dishes

You can use the double burner gas stove.

The fridge can be powered by 12V or 230V.

You can prepare fresh fish or enjoy a delicious aged steak.

Which type of driver’s licence you need for our caravan

Simply hitch up the caravan to the towing system of your car and set off for an adventure. If the total weight of the vehicle (caravan + car) does not exceed 3.5 tons, the B category driving licence will be sufficient. In case the total weight exceeds this limit, you will need the BE category driving license. The total weight of the caravan is 655 kilograms.

What you can find in the caravan

The caravan has a bench and a table which are easily transformable into a comfortable double bed. There is also a double burner gas stove and a fridge. A bathroom sink and a kitchen sink are a sure thing. The water tank capacity is 50 litres.
A holder for three bicycles was added so that you can use the caravan for family sport trips in the country.

How to make a reservation

If you want to rent the caravan, simply fill in preferred dates and required information into the form. We will send you an email with a deposit invoice and with terms and conditions. When borrowing the caravan, the signed documents must be handed over and a refundable deposit complying with the agreement must be paid.
The caravan is insured. In case of an accident it is necessary to contact us so that we can effectively solve the situation. When the caravan is being towed, the crew must be in the car. It is prohibited by the law (and extremely unsafe) to be inside the caravan while it is being towed.
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