Training with Hašan

If you want your child to have a chance to become a professional athlete, let their training be led by professionals. We run training sessions for schoolchildren from Monday to Friday. The sessions begin in the 2020-2021 school year, starting on Monday, 31 August 2020.

We have an individual approach to training

Our training sessions focus primarily on athletic prowess and technical performance rather than on physical fitness. Only secondarily do we focus on speed. This means that children should not be too tired after our practice and they will not be limited e.g. during an active training in their home club. After our training sessions, your child will not be exhausted.


We will prepare your children for football, ice hockey as well as other sports

Impulses from one specific sport can be carried over to other sports as well, which means that the more diverse the impulse spectrum is, the better it is for the athlete. Their bodies should be prepared for a rich variety of physical exercise as each sport has a different progression. Their mindset should include strategic thinking and a sense of teamwork. Their skills are then useful and, above all, applicable in other sports.

Therefore, playing futnet, volleyball or basketball can have benefits for playing tennis, for instance. Our type of training will be of use in multiple sports. When young ice hockey players arrive, they will benefit from the training as well because they can learn, for example, to think better in sports. Our training can help an 8-year-old ice hockey player as well as a 10-year-old tennis player.



What does a training session with Hašan look like? 


Do you want to be better at football?

Practise in a better and more effective way! One half of each training session is focused on general athletic prowess while the other on football skills. We try to adjust the training to each group of children so that they enjoy it and benefit from it.
  • Development of individual technical and tactical skills
  • Athletic prowess development
  • Development of physical strength
The capability to develop a player’s potential to the maximum in football clubs is limited for several reasons:
  • Insufficient time for an effective development (between 3 and 8 hours of physical activity a week is not enough, 30 hours per week used to be common)
  • Focusing only on football (insufficient development of athletic prowess as well as strength and speed skills)
  • An unfortunately frequent incompetence of coaches (lacking needed education, incl. pedagogical, biological, physiological)
Choose complex and harmonic development of your children and both you and they will be excited.

We have first-class training facilities and coaches

For our needs, there is not only a floodlit football pitch, but also a swimming pool, trampolines, horizontal bars, exercise mats, slacklines and other utilities. The training sessions always take place in a closed area, so you don’t need to be concerned about your young athletes’ safety. What matters most is proficiency, a proper proactive attitude and pedagogical skills. The children must enjoy the training in order to experience the joy of physical activity.

Hašan Sport – professional training sessions for young athletes

With our help, your children will get the necessary hours of all-round physical activity. Not only the number of hours, but also the focus of the physical activity is important for the child’s right development. Only high-quality coaches can guarantee the training process will have benefits for your children. Coaches and ideal conditions for training are essential. Only with these two aspects combined, the most effective training process can be prepared and great results can be achieved.
How do we train?