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It goes without saying that all parents love their children. We want only the best for them. But how to find our bearings in the abundance of information available in magazines, on the internet or in discussions with friends? The current tendency is an unfortunate one. You decide that your child is interested either in ice hockey, or in football. And the child starts to devote himself or herself to one sport only.

An all-round development is essential for a healthy body

In the past, sport clubs did not focus on an all-round development either, but children spent their free time doing sports with their friends. While today’s kid is online all the time, the kid of the past was constantly in motion. Moreover, a survey carried out among players of the Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic national football teams showed that all successful sportsmen do more than one sport.

Your choice of all-round training can positively motivate your children to do sports and help them develop universally and love physical activity as such. At the same time, you will prevent them from getting injured. Last but not least, your decision will indirectly affect future generations as well. Those who love sports pass this affection down to their children.

There are many reasons to sign up your children for training with Hašan.

No more than thirty years ago, sport training wasn’t focused on one sport. All children used to run and they ran together. Only later did they concentrate on specific skills such as ball control, shooting or – in the case of ice hockey – skating. The variety of sport activities helped balance out the one-sided exertion by strengthening the whole body in a complex manner. Being a right-handed ice hockey player was not a problem because the athlete also swan, ran and strengthened his or her muscles. This prevented one-sided overexertion.

Our time is overhasty and sport sometimes becomes a way to fulfil one’s dreams through their own children. This may result in burnt-out players in youth categories. Our aim is to help children love sport and physical activity as such, which should last for their whole life. Your children will then raise their own children in the same way. That is why we approach training differently, based not only on our education and experience, but also on the results we could see with our own children.


What does the training with Hašan look like?


Children used to spend 30 hours a week doing sports

It is logical – we had no computers, no video games and there was nothing much to watch on TV. So we used to run, play ball games and spend our time outside. While it was absolutely normal for children born before the Velvet revolution to spend 30 hours a week by physical activity, today most of the active children reach less than a third of this number. And it applies only to those children that have a training session in their club every day. 4 × 90 minutes of training weekly + 60 minutes of a weekend match = 7 hours of physical activity + 2 × 45 minutes of Physical Education at school. The sum is only 8.5 hours a week, which is totally insufficient for a healthy development. Let alone a situation when a child plays only a halftime and spends a lot of time at training sessions standing, not moving.

It is also important to realize that most of these children with 8.5 hours of physical activity weekly undergo an early specialization, which means they focus on one specific sport (football, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.) very early, approx. from six years of age. Logically, they lack a sufficient number of various impulses, which results in overexertion of certain parts of the musculoskeletal system, muscular imbalances, consequently to poor posture, backaches, headaches or fallen arches of the foot. This later leads to knee surgeries in young age and many other problems. With all due respect, no club can guarantee a sufficient diversity of impulses so that such problems might be actively prevented. And sadly, as written above, neither can they ensure an optimal quantity of physical activity.

We have first-class training facilities and coaches

For our needs, there is not only a pitch, but also a swimming pool, trampolines, horizontal bars, exercise mats, slacklines and other utilities. The training sessions always take place in a closed area, so you don’t need to be concerned about your young athletes’ safety. What matters most is proficiency, a proper proactive attitude and pedagogical skills. The children must enjoy the training in order to experience the joy of physical activity.

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